Consulting for Optimization​

We pride ourselves in helping our customers!  Specifically, we can assist our customers in mapping out and defining the requirements, options and the measurable improvements of their business needs in traceability, inventory control and operations management.  

LeafTrack Services for Agricultural Production

LeafTrack works everyday to improve and strengthen information technology processes and systems for growers, packers, distributors, shippers, retailers, agricultural businesses.  Although the agricultural industry has had a stressed economic climate over the past few years, our efforts mirror and support the USDA and FDA, that look to improve the quality of agricultural production throughout the food chain.  We maintain a strong and appropriate focus on state-of-the-art products for traceability, inventory control and operations support.  


Software Design

Our products are uniquely adaptable to any business, and we recognize each business has their own unique operations and processes.  We can provide custom software design services to help ensure the optimal solution is delivered.

Integration Support

Our customers can easily "plug and play" our products in to their existing IT environment, but if needed our team is happy to assist in the install and integration, as well as assist with refresher and operational use training for employees.


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